Welcome to Epic Steps
An Alternative Dance Program for children and adults.
          Epic Steps is a specialized dance program providing convenience, pleasure and dance technique to individuals desiring an alternative form of dance instruction. 

          The philosophy of Epic Steps is to bring ease and dance together as an enjoyable experience for all.  By offering dancers hassle free lessons with short themed sessions and stress-free performing, Epic Steps delivers the ability for the customer to participate in a dance program at their convenience.
          With a welcoming atmosphere and proper technical instruction, Epic Steps provides the dancer with positive support to build self-confidence, teamworking skills & friendships; completing each session with basic knowledge on the style of dance they studied, thus providing a good foundation of dance technique and building blocks helpful with future dance training and life skills.  At Epic Steps, both the mind and body are strengthened in a fun and cordial environment. 
Flexible Scheduling​
Dance Fundamentals
Simple Policies
Shorter session lengths provide seasonal visitors and athletes looking for partial-year engagement, as well as families with a busy schedule, the opportunity to participate in dance when it works for them. 
Classes at Epic Steps are beneficial for dancers that are currently enrolled at a traditional studio, working simultaneously to enhance the overall dance experience and to intensify skills. 
Those wanting to try something new without huge start-up costs and participation contracts find the relaxed attire requirements and dance basics taught at Epic Steps, a great way to learn about dance.
  • Dancing provides many benefits for the body and mind. Being a non-discriminating artform, anyone can enjoy the advantages dance has to offer. 
  • Health benefits include improved heart and lung function, increased muscle strength and endurance, with an overall healthier, athletic body. 
  • Dancers experience superior balance and coordination plus increased agility and flexibility.
  • Through dance, life skills such as focus, dedication and personal best are strengthened.
  • The connections made during dance grow teamwork and social skills while creating friendships and memories. 
  • Dance is good for the soul.  It improves the mood, lessens anxiety, and increases brain function.  Self-confidence and pride are invaluable qualities experienced with dance. 

With all the benefits dance has to offer, we hope YOU DANCE!  
- Epic Steps